Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is the leading option for people looking for an excellent food truck to hire for weddings and other special events such as birthday parties, family reunions and other celebrations as well. We’re a family business that differs from the rest preparing delicious pizzas with handmade dough and the finest ingredients available in the market all cooked using the wood fire oven for pizzas included in our food truck to hire for weddings. This food truck is designed and customised according to the needs of our customers, and it can be located anywhere in the place you’re planning the celebration without any hassle.


When you choose us as your food truck to hire for weddings, you’re selecting the right option to surprise all your guests and make sure they’re satisfied with the menu you’re offering. Our menu has all the food you need for a wedding party, pizza for vegans and vegetarians as well as options for people following a dairy free diet or those who can’t consume gluten. We’re proud of being the most popular option for pizza lovers who need a food truck to hire for weddings in order to make their reception the way they always wanted it to be.


We also understand weddings aren’t only about savoury food, therefore we also offer a menu full of sweet culinary options as well. Our sweet pizzas are delicious options as well, made with ingredients such as fresh strawberries, Nutella or marshmallows that will make the best desserts for your guests. Contact us today for more information and ask us for the packages we’re offering so you can make the best our of your budget and make sure your guests are happy and will talk about food at your party for a long time.

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