Weddings wouldn’t be the same without food, and if you’re planning a wedding you want everybody to enjoy then you should include foods that are internationally known and liked by many instead of choosing dishes that some people may not like. Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is a business that provides second to none services for people needing a premium food truck in a wedding. When you choose us as your food truck for wedding in Melbourne you’re selecting an option with an entire range of culinary options adaptable to the likes of your guests.


With our food truck for wedding in Melbourne you’ll take care of the food for everyone since we have options for people following gluten free diets, diary free diets, vegans and vegetarians as well. When you choose Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza as your food truck for wedding you’re making an excellent choice that you know will appeal all your guests even if they’re looking for dessert due to our superior range of sweet pizzas made with ingredients such as Nutella, marshmallows, strawberries and more. Surprise all your guests with a delicious pizza with hand-made dough taking our food truck to your wedding in Melbourne.


We’re proud of being among the favourite offerings for people needing a food truck in a wedding. We always have packages available that can help you save and make the most out of your budget, so if you want more information related to our van designed to provide you with food the entire event and make sure your guests are satisfied, be sure to contact us today. Choose a premium food truck for the most special day by selecting Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza as your food truck for a wedding in Melbourne.

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