We’re a proudly family owned business that has grown in the hearts and memories of our customers due to the quality of the offering we bring to the events we’re part of. Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is the most suitable option in terms of gourmet food trucks in Melbourne if you want to impress your guests and make sure they will not remain unmoved by the menu offered during your special celebration. When you select Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza from the gourmet food trucks in Melbourne, you’re choosing a van that is customised and designed according to the needs of the events and where they’re located.


Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is a second to none option that rises among gourmet food trucks in Melbourne and provides a full menu with many options that cater to the needs of your guests. Our menu even includes options for vegans, vegetarians, people who don’t consume gluten or follow a dairy free diet. If your guests are more interested in something sweeter, then our sweet pizzas for dessert are an excellent option for them, pizzas with Nutella, strawberry or marshmallows that will surprise all guests and you with a different taste you won’t regret.


Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is a positioned amongst premium gourmet food trucks in Melbourne that provide a completely different experience than the one you’d get eating a non-traditional pizza. Using handmade dough and cooking it on wood fire we achieve a crunchy base to be covered with the finest ingredients achieving a different yet more traditional and homemade flavour. Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is the most adequate choice if you want your guests to mention how good the food offered was. Contact us today to get more information related to the packages we’re offering and how we can help you make your party a memorable event for both you and your guests.

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