Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is a family business that prides itself on being the best choice for pizza lovers. Most people enjoy this Italian food and would love to have some of it at their special event, whether it’s a party, a wedding or any type of special occasion you want to celebrate. When you choose Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza to provide Melbourne mobile pizza using our customised food truck, we’ll be able to locate everything we need in the place you’ll host the celebration and make sure your guests can enjoy delicious pizzas the entire celebration.


We’re a family business offering a quality service for Melbourne mobile pizza using our premium food truck that is fitted with state-of-the-art facilities needed for optimal service every time. When you choose us for Melbourne mobile pizza offers you can rest assured knowing all attendants will have a different experience with our traditional homemade pizzas that have an unmatched flavour. Wood fire provides our pizzas with a unique style and taste that is complemented with the finest ingredients available in the market, with menu offers that cover the needs of vegans, vegetarians, and people who don’t eat gluten and those on a dairy free diet.


For a remarkable service in Melbourne mobile pizza we have designed a food truck that can be located wherever you need it, regardless of the place you’ve chosen for the celebration. We also have a remarkable range of options for desserts and sweet tastes that your guests will want to try as soon as they see them, with our pizzas with Nutella, marshmallows or strawberries. Contact us today for more information regarding the packages we can offer you and everything you’d need for a memorable special occasion with all guests surprised with the delightful taste of traditional pizzas cooked on wood fire.

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