Our service for mobile catering in Melbourne is a gourmet offering for all your special events where you want to surprise your guests with woodfired pizzas made with the most delicious traditional recipes. Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is a food truck that can be set at any location because of its practicality and versatility. We’re a family business specialising in gourmet offerings made with the most delicious top-quality ingredients that result in an excellent menu with a wide variety of dishes for vegans, vegetarians and people who can’t consume gluten. Our customised van is a fun and practical optional for any birthday parties, weddings or any other special event without any hassle or interruption to your day.


All our pizzas are cooked on wood fire which provides pizza with a unique flavour that sets the difference among commercial pizzas you’d buy in many pizza restaurants. Our van is designed to endure any type of exterior conditions, regardless of changing weather, sun, hail or storms, our van for mobile catering in Melbourne is a second to none food truck that will be sure to meet and exceed your expectations.


Here at Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza our main goal is to provide you with a complete service that will leave you and all your guests satisfied. For a more traditional touch we don’t use pre-made dough and prefer using handmade dough instead. You’ll also find an attractive set of options for dessert with ingredients such as Nutella, mini marshmallows or strawberries for a sweet pizza that’s a perfect end to dinner. Contact us for more information and ask us for our special packages, we’re a family business that provides you with a premium service that is dedicated to our valuable customers.

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