Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is the most appropriate option among mobile food trucks in Melbourne, offering a superior range of culinary options that will delight all guests at any type of celebration. When you choose ours from all mobile food trucks in Melbourne, you’re making the right choice if you want to surprise your guests with a remarkable range of options that is second to none in terms of quality and flavour. In order to make our pizzas different from the rest, we only use the finest ingredients and handmade dough to achieve a more traditional taste and a crunchy texture.


Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza set the difference with other mobile food trucks in Melbourne with our unique and varied range of options for all guests you have coming to your next gathering. Our menu includes pizzas for vegans, vegetarians and people following a diary free diet and people who cannot consume gluten. If you’re looking for desserts because you already have many options for dinner and refreshments, then you’ll find our many premium options in our menu. Offerings such as our pizza with Nutella, a flavour packed one with strawberries or the colourful pizza with marshmallows, will delight all your guests regardless of the type of taste they’re looking for.


Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is the popular option among mobile food trucks in Melbourne since it will fit any place you need it to be regardless of the location, it is designed to keep offering the service you need the entire event. Contact us today for more information regarding our special packages and how we can help you make your party 100% better and make sure all your guests are surprised with the foods you’ve chosen for your wedding, birthday party or any other type of celebration.

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