Special, elegant and tasty are the fundamental stepping stones Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza pride themselves on when it comes to our mobile pizza catering services throughout Melbourne. Our extensive experience in the industry has rendered us as the leading wood fired pizza catering service in Melbourne. By utilising only the freshest ingredients, we possess the ability to tailor our pizzas to suit your dietary requirements, whilst ensuring impeccable flavours. Due to our versatility, our pizza van is equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus to handle wet and rainy weather to ensure that your get your pizza and we provide the utmost professional mobile pizza catering service.

Why choose Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza for your mobile pizza catering service

  • Exquisite pizza flavours
  • State of the art preparation and set up techniques
  • Pioneers in the catering industry
  • Efficient service and handling of guest requirements
  • Fresh, organic and high-quality ingredients
  • Handmade dough
  • Available for birthdays, weddings, engagements and all special events

Quality is synonym to Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza, as we pride ourselves on prompt and effective catering services within Melbourne. Our ultimate goal is to bring to your function a dedicated, elegant and overall pleasing mobile pizza catering service that stands out from the crowd. Ensuring that all clients are satisfied plays a pivotal role in our success, hence why we always ask for client testimonials upon completing a service. This shows our professionalism and puts us a step ahead in the pizza catering industry.

Improve your function, minimise complaints, increase happy and delighted guests. Those are the outcomes from our exceptional mobile pizza catering services that will propel you and your event to success! If you are searching for the utmost immaculate and tasty wood fired pizza catering service Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza are here and provide the solution you desire. Contact us, today!

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