Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is the leading pizza van in Melbourne, with years of experience providing delicious handmade pizzas with a traditional Italian flavour only achievable using the finest ingredients found in the market. When you choose Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza as your pizza van in Melbourne to be included in a special event such as a wedding or a party you’re making the right choice to surprise your guests with an excellent menu and the classic flavour of this European dish that has won over hearts across the world for its versatility and memorable flavour.


If you’re thinking whether a pizza van in Melbourne the best choice for your special event is, remember pizza is one of the most popular foods and people love complementing an excellent and memorable evening with a slice of delicious pizza brimming with high quality ingredients. Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is an excellent choice with a traditional flavour that common industrial pizzas cannot emulate properly. When you choose a pizza van in Melbourne such as Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza you can rest assured knowing your guests will have enough delicious food for the entire party or event. Our van in customised and designed for any type of events, to fit any type of location with ease.


At Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza, you’ll also find a handful of packages and options to economise and make sure your guests can delight their palate with traditional pizzas of a superior European flavour. Contact us today for more information about Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza and our culinary options as a premium pizza van in Melbourne. We also provide excellent options for dessert. If your guests are looking for a sweeter flavour, our pizzas with Nutella, strawberries or marshmallows will completely surprise them. Discover the difference for yourself today.

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