One of the most remarkable benefits of choosing wood fired pizza for catering in Melbourne is that you’ll be providing your guests an internationally known food that almost everyone likes, but also add a touch of traditionality and make sure they’re happy with the food they’re ordering. Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is a premium food truck option available for people who are after wood fired pizza for catering, being wood fired pizza is a completely different experience and flavour to commercial pizzas made with industrial ovens. We make sure eating our pizzas is a memorable experience by offering a traditional flavour complemented with the finest ingredients available in the market.


When you choose Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza for wood fired pizza for catering in Melbourne, you’re selecting the right food truck that can be placed in any location, regardless of how tricky it may seem. Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is the leading choice for people who want to provide their guests with a menu that includes as many options as possible, our menu caters to your needs as a party planner providing a superior culinary option for vegans, vegetarians, people who don’t eat gluten or follow a dairy free diet.


For complete information of our services of wood fired pizza catering in Melbourne contact us today, we have many packages and options that will make the perfect addition to any party or special event. We’re happy to help you plan a memorable event that will solidify in the memory of your beloved ones. Get a superior menu in your party for an unmatched price, even for dessert options, with delicious pizzas such as our Nutella, strawberries or marshmallow range. Our food truck is designed to provide our customers with excellent wood fired pizza for catering regardless of the location, call us and we’ll get there.

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