Pizza is a delicious food internationally known as a favourite option for many people. It’s also very practical and delicious since each person can choose the toppings and ingredients they want to add. Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is the leading option if you’re looking for a wood fired pizza truck for catering that you can use at your wedding, birthday party, music festival, family reunion and more. When you select us as your food truck you’re making the right choice to keep your guests happy because we also provide a range of options for vegans, vegetarians, people who can’t consume gluten and people following a dairy free diet.


In order to make a pizza that is second to none in terms of quality, our wood fired pizza truck for catering services is fitted with a state-of-the-art wood fire pizza oven that cooks pizzas with a different flavour, a more traditional and artistic result that can be enjoyed by anyone who tries them. We use handmade dough for a more homemade result and make sure your expectations are covered with a different taste that emulates Italian pizzas perfectly. We also have a range of sweet pizzas made with ingredients such as Nutella, strawberries and marshmallows that make the perfect dessert selection for your guests.


Contact us today for more information relating to our second to none wood fired pizza truck for catering services and the special offers we have for you so you can make sure your budget suits your plans to have a special pizza feast at your party or event. Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza is a family owned business that only provides quality food for your parties and more, contact us today to discover the authentic flavour of pizza.

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